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High-Tech Boats

At Southern Formula, we offer high-tech boats that seamlessly integrate state-of-the-art technologies such as advanced navigation systems, digital displays and intuitive remote-control functionalities. From high-tech fishing boats and sailboats through to high-tech boat trailers, we can provide what you need.

Unrivalled Craftsmanship & Quality

Our dedication to excellence extends to the very heart of our high-tech boats for sale. Our craftmanship and meticulous attention to detail in each and every vessel is unrivalled, ensuring ultimate comfort and functionality. Our high-tech boats also deliver unparalleled performance, with features such as hybrid power solutions for eco-conscious boaters and lightweight construction that enhances speed and efficiency.

Our boat designs are characterised by intelligent layouts that maximise utility. They also boast automated docking systems for effortless mooring, advanced collision avoidance mechanisms and remote monitoring systems for peace of mind. Furthermore, our high-tech boats undergo rigorous ocean testing in the harshest conditions to guarantee their reliability. Our valued customers can rest assured that every vessel we build boasts cutting-edge technologies and unmatched on-water performance.

Experience You Can Count On

With a heritage steeped in over half a century of manufacturing experience, Southern Formula is a proudly Australian high-tech boats manufacturer. Our friendly, knowledgeable and customer-centric team of experts are dedicated to delivering not only the smoothest and most seaworthy boats, but also a level of customer service that exceeds expectations. We also offer a range of comprehensive aftercare services to ensure your boating experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Discover Our Range of High-Tech Boats Today

If you’re looking for the best range of high-tech fishing boats and high-tech sailboats in Australia, Southern Formula has you covered. Call us on (03) 9394 1540 or complete our online enquiry form to find out more about our available high-tech boats and trailers.

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