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Southern Formula is proudly built in Australia by craftsmen who have been in the business for over 60 years. Our design and manufacturing team consist of qualified boat builders and a full time Naval Architect. These boats have been designed to produce greater performance over older designed boats from the 70’s. Our goal was to improve on a few key features: better ride quality, better stability, more efficient hull, dryer ride with overall features and benefits internally.

Our mission was to design a superior fishing boat for its intended use,
not for a race boat. The final result could be argued to have achieved both!

Better Ride Quality, Better Stability More Efficient Boats

Southern Formula Boats combine the”Old School Haines Hunter” look with modern performance and build quality. The advantage of these new boats is they have a proven pedigree and built to the quality standard and finishes expected from Maritime Global.

The designers have taken into account all the benefits seen in the older style of boats, and improved the hulls to meet modern day build and performance standards. The new range of boats will consist of 5 sizes, 24′, 21′, 19′, 17′, 15′ and configured into different variants of centre console and run about.

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